SDG Goal 11, 13, 15

We are involved in the restoration of 3 of the most important urban green areas. We believe in growing and nurturing of trees that’s why we have managed to see the greening of the following spaces in Nairobi:

Trees grown in Nairobi National Park
Trees grown in Karura Forest
Trees grown in Michuki Park

Our goal is to ensure we grow and build capacity to monitor more than 20,000 by August 2022. Through the Ecosystem restoration program, we have developed a tree survival rate tool that we use to conduct scientific research on planted trees so that we can analyze survival rates.

We hope to ensure everyone grows more than 100 trees in their lifetime. Forest resources and associated lands need to be carefully managed to meet the social, economic, cultural, and spiritual needs of present and future generations. We conduct tree planting activities since trees are important sources of life.

What we are committed to doing:

Afforestation of Nairobi Green Spaces Targets:

  • Nairobi National Park - Target 15,000 trees.
  • Karura Forest - Target 5,000 trees.
  • Michuki Park - Target 1,000 trees

Identifying problems faced by these eco-system and finding solutions through research, community, donor and stakeholder participation.

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