SDG Goal 5, 12, 13, 17

We hold campaigns both online and onsite to change the people’s mindset towards climate change. We advocate against loss of green spaces in urban centres and also high biodiverse areas. Through our campaigns we aim to strengthen the rule of law by ensuring we inform the public on the right to have a clean environment.

We also partner with community groups to help in developing conservation solutions that can help benefit both animals and people.

What we are committed to do:

Working with communities to address the issues they face through an infusion of indigenous knowledge and scientific research.

Education and outreach to help create more Environmental Champions.

Ensuring the protection of Ondiri Wetland, the source of Nairobi River.

Online campaigns to ensure more people are informed about climate change and act accordingly.

Participate and support environmental activists to empower their message.

Joining Hands To Help The World’s

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