SDG Goal 15

Never underestimate what a few committed individuals can do for a threatened species. East Africa is fast losing its wildlife. Threats such as loss of habitat to farming are increasingly threatening to wipe out the wildlife, which tourism is hinged on. We’re currently working with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). We partnered to conduct Kenya’s first Census in Nairobi National Park.

Increased data shows that in 20 years the number of biodiversity would be less than 50% of the current number. This is what has prompted us to not only advocate but also help in Conducting Research. We’re currently focussed on Saving Wild dogs from going extinct. Listed under endangered with the IUCN Red List, we realised communities around the park found the animals becoming rare day in day out. We’re finalising the research to ensure they’re still alive in the Amboseli Ecosystem.

We believe in People Centred Conservation that’s why we conduct Conservation Camps for children from indigenous communities in Amboseli. We aim to Research indigenous knowledge for it’s only through this can we save our wildlife. We hold the camp quarterly in partnership with Conservation Kenya to ensure that we also empower the young girls and women from these communities..

What are we are committed to do.

We are committed to improving the livelihood of the indegenous communities. Make a sustainable living that can make them cope with stress, shocks and enhance their capabilities and assets both now and in future, while not undermining the natural resources base.

To create employment through establishing a community based monitoring and patrolling system to help in monitoring of Wild dogs in the Amboseli ecosystem.

To conduct research and establish the real number of Wild Dogs in Amboseli and later Kenya.

Research and proper recording of indigenous knowledge for proper record keeping through production of journals or comic books to pass it down to the future generation

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