SDG Goal 4, 9

We aim to create Leaders who will ensure they create a Ripple effect in their institutions through our Environmental Education Programmes. We believe in equipping environmental champions with the right tools.

That’s why we conduct Environmental camps for young girls and boys between eight and fifteen years from indigenous communities living in the rich biodiversity area of Amboseli. They learn about the environment, critically endangered species inhabiting the parks, and the conservation efforts of scientists and communities in and around wildlife.

Through our interactions, the children of indigenous communities share their experiences while we share scientific knowledge.

We believe tapping into indigenous communities will be a pillar in safeguarding the Amboseli ecosystem. Through this, we can create a bridge between science and indigenous knowledge

Through our programs, Kang4Nature connects children to their wildlife and nature and inspires them to value and act to conserve it. We aim to plant seeds of conservation in them so that they can become change-makers.

What we are committed to do:

Creating a bridge between science and indigenous knowledge.

Document indigenous knowledge that might end up getting lost.

Conducting quarterly Conservation Camps for young environmentalists especially girls from indigenous communities in Amboseli.

To promote community involvement in forest and vegetative conservation like Tree planting and discourage deforestation.

Involve more schools in tree planting programs.

Empower women, youth to be able to actively participate in sustainable development and fight for our environment.

We aim to publish story books and comics that children can read and learn about the indigenous knowledge about our environment.

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